About the Adventure Works Sample Site

The Adventure Works sample Web site is based on a fictitious company that sells outdoor equipment on-line. It is a “shopping cart” type of Web application that enables customers to view the products, order items, track sales, show advertisements, and do some personalization. The Adventure Works sample Web site shows how to use many Active Server Pages capabilities, including Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), built-in objects, and all the provided server components. Becoming familiar with the Adventure Works sample Web site is great way to learn about Active Server Pages because it shows how the elements can be used together to create a real Web application.

The Adventure Works sample Web site uses a Microsoft Access database to store and retrieve product information, order information, and user information. You can make the site work with Microsoft SQL Server by creating the necessary tables and stored procedures in a SQL Server database. A script file is provided to create the necessary objects in SQL Server. Perform the following steps to make the Adventure Works sample site work with Microsoft SQL Server:

  1. Use the isql tool that comes with SQL Server to run the SQL script file Advworks.sql. For example:
    isql -SServer_Name -Usa -P -iadvworks.sql

    Advworks.sql is located in the root directory of the Adventure Works sample site (c:\InetPup\ASPSamp\Advworks by default). The script creates a new login and user called "AdvWorks" as the owner of the tables to make it easier to keep track of the tables used for Adventure Works. Seven stored procedures and eight tables will be created.

  2. Select SQL Server as your data source by performing one of the following steps:

The site was developed in such a way so that no other changes are necessary. However, certain optimizations for SQL Server are noted in comments of some asp files (such as GetCustomer.asp).

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