This class contains methods that enable your component to use the methods and properties of the Request object.



AddHeader(bstrHeaderName As String, bstrHeaderValue As String)

Adds an HTTP header.

AppendToLog(bstrLogEntry As String)

Adds a string to the end of a Web server log entry for this request.

BinaryWrite(rgbBuffer() As Byte)

Writes content without any character conversion (Unicode to ANSI).

Buffer() As Boolean

Indicates whether page output is buffered.


Erases any buffered output.

ContentType() As String

The HTTP content type.

Cookies() As IRequestDictionary

Write-only. Collection of cookies sent as part of the response.


Causes Active Server Pages to stop processing and return any buffered output.

Expires As Variant

The length of time in minutes until the response expires.


The absolute date and time that the response expires.


Sends buffered output immediately.

Redirect(bstrURL As String)

Sends a “302 Redirect” status line.

Status() As String

The HTTP server status line.

Write(varText As Variant)

Writes content with character conversion (Unicode to ANSI).

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