Creating Components for ASP

You can create Microsoft® ActiveX™ server components that can be used in a variety of Internet and intranet scenarios. This document describes the special event methods and interfaces available to components running on a Web server that supports Active Server Pages.

You can write your component in any language that generates Automation server components. Choosing a language involves many considerations: familiarity with the language, tools support, run-time performance, threading models, code complexity, and the size of the compiled code. Languages and products that can be used to write Automation server components include Microsoft® Visual C++®, Microsoft® Visual Basic®, and Java.

The following topics discuss programming issues relevant to developers writing server components for use with Active Server Pages.

· Page-Level Event Methods

· Built-in Object Interfaces for C++, Java, and Visual Basic

· Code Examples for C++, Java, and Visual Basic

· Threading Models

· Packaging Models

· Type Information

· Security

This document assumes that the reader is familiar with the Microsoft® Component Object Model (COM). For more information on COM, see Inside OLE 2 by Kraig Brockschmidt.

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